Why You Need to Protect Your Properties

The Proactive Approach to Fire Prevention

When it comes to fire prevention and property conservation, a proactive plan is the best  approach. Reacting to a fire unfortunately means the damage has already taken place.

Once the Fire Department is called, they can only try to  prevent the fire from spreading. A fire can double in size every 30 seconds causing everything in a room to be consumed by the blaze in 3 minutes. Our mission at Stop Loss is to help minimize the possibility of a fire starting in the first place. Thereby, preventing loss of life and property.

Stop loss LLC is owned and operated by veteran professional firefighters who have seen, time and time again, the devastation that fires cause in our communities. In fact, every Stop Loss Technician  is a professional firefighter. These highly trained professionals, have the knowledge and understanding to spot fire hazards that are simply overlooked by Landlords, Maintenance Employees and Property Managers. So the question is, who is better equipped or more trustworthy, to assist you with the protection of your Rental Properties and your Tenant’s family?

In 2018 there were a reported 363,000 US Residential Home Fires. That equals 1 fire every 87 seconds. How many homes have been affected in your community? Will your home be next? Take action and pre-plan with Stop loss today. Don’t become a statistic.

Cooking Fires #1

Cooking appliances are the leading cause of home structure fires in the U.S. as reported by the National Fire Protection Association. Fire departments responded to an estimated average of 173,200 home structure fires (2013-2017) per year that involved cooking equipment. That is an average of 470 incidents per day on reported home structure fires, caused by cooking. Range Tops/Stoves represent 62% of all cooking appliances fires.

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Heating Equipment/Portable Heater Fires Facts

Heating Equipment is another leading cause of fire in U.S homes. An average of 52,000 home structure fires yearly involve Heating Equipment. Portable Heaters in residential buildings figure in 2 of every 5 heating equipment fires. Heating Equipment fire result in $1 Billion in direct property damage. Space heaters are 44% of that number in direct property damage.

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Residential Building Fires Losses

An estimated 363,00 residential home fires were reported to U.S. Fire Departments in 2018. That includess 1 & 2 Family Homes, Manufactured Home, Townhomes, Condos and Apartments.  These fires caused an estimated 2,720 civilian deaths, 11,200 civilian injuries, and $8.0 Billion (2013 – 2017 ) in direct property loss.

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Smoke Alarm Deaths

Three of every five home fire deaths occurred in homes with no smoke alarms (40%) or non functioning  alarms (17%). An average of 1450 deaths per year occur in homes with missing or non-functioning Smoke Alarms. Smoke Alarms save lives. The risk of dying in a home fire where there is a working smoke alarm is 59% lower.


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