Stop Loss LLC Introduces New Property Management Portal

Stop Loss LLC is proud to introduce a comprehensive solution for busy property management professionals.

Property Managers have a lot to do these days. Stop Loss LLC simplifies the process of certifying smoke detectors and fire safety inspections. We also offer customized property inspections. With our state-of-the-art management portal, property managers are able to log into their own portal to see all inspections at a glance, sort and filter the inspections, verify all information for multiple properties, request new inspections, add new properties to the list to be inspected, and much more. All of this can be done from the comfort of the property manager’s office without lifting a phone. Simply add new addresses, and Stop Loss LLC will inspect the property and provide comprehensive reports and certifications. All certifications are kept for a minimum of three years so property managers can always look to the portal to verify inspections for years past.

We know that property managers have to do more with less time these days, let Stop Loss LLC take the headache of managing property inspections away with our “Property Manager’s Portal”.

Property Managers with large staff can assign staff members to supervise individual properties or groups of properties. Stop Loss LLC can scale seamlessly from small property portfolios to multiple multi-family units to nationwide inspection management. All in the cloud, all in real-time, all without headache or wasted time.

Start your registration and save yourself time, protect your owner’s investments, and your tenants safety today!

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