Property Managers Fire Risk Management Services

Fire Safety & Fire Risk Management is the Stop Loss Mission

As a busy Property Manager your time is valuable. The process of Annual Fire Safety Inspections and Smoke/CO Alarm Maintenance is probably something you don't think about muchless have the time or the resources to complete. Let our professional technicians make sure your properties are safe from potential fire hazards. Allowing Stop Loss to complete our mission will give you more time to manage your properties and grow your business. We offers a comprehensive suite of tools to keep Property Managers informed while Stop Loss does the work.

StopLoss Client Portal

StopLossVa offers Property Managers an organized cloud based solution to request comprehensive inspections, add your current file of properties, add new properties and view completed reports for all your company's properties. And you can accomplish all this in a single place, the StopLoss Client Portal.

Simply login to your client portal to manage all these tasks. You can also message us directly through your portal in order process rush requests.

STOP LOSS Provides:

  • Comprehensive Fire Safety Inspections Every Year
    • Fire/Smoke Alarms
    • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    • All Gas Appliances
    • Oil Heat Sources
    • Visible Electrical Hazards
    • Portable Heat Sources
    • Heating/Air Vent Inspection
    • Stove/Range Hood Inspection
    • Debris Near Heat Sources
    • Entry/Egress Access
    • Dust/Lint Buildup Dryer
    • Dust/Lint Buildup Bathroom Fans
    • Smoking Areas
    • Gas & Charcoal Grills Placement on Outdoor Patios and Porches
    • Find & Identify Any Possible Additional Fire Hazards
  • Tenant Fire Prevention Fact Sheets for Every Inspection
    • These Fact Sheets give some helpful tips on how they, the tenant, can help mitigate the possibility of a fire on your property.
    • The Tenant will have an opportunity to ask the Technician about any of the Fire Prevention/Fire Protection Hints outlined on the fact sheets


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