Electrical Fires; Smoking; Gas Grilles/Charcoal Grilles

National Fire Protection Association Statistics 2013 – 2017

Electrical Failures & Malfunctions

  • 42% of all Electrical Fires happen between 4PM and Midnight
  • 2 out of 5 Electrical Fires happen in cold weather. PORTABLE SPACE HEATERS! 
  • 3 out of 5 Electrical Fires are due to arcing
  • Estimated 5,300 Home Fires per year due to Overloaded Outlets
    • Minimize Electrical Fires! Clean Up Overload Wall Outlets.
    • Think of all the new electrical gadgets everyone has plugged in charging and operating in their home.  Computers – IPads – Cell Phones – TV’s – Smart Hubs – Routers etc.
    • More than one Power Strip plugged into one Outlet is dangerous but a very common cause of Electrical Fires


  • Smoking is responsible for an annual average of 18,100 Home Structure Fires
  • 590 Civilian Deaths yearly on average
  • 1,130 Civilian Injuries yearly on average
  • The Leading area of the Home where Smoking Fires is where? (Since the mid 80’s it is the Balcony or Porch).

Gas Grille/Charcoal Grilles

  • Average 8,700 Home Fires yearly involve Gas Grilles
    • 3,600 resulted in the structure catching fire
    • Leading cause is the proximity to an outside wall
  • Average 1,100 Home Fires yearly involve Charcoal Grilles
    • Leading cause is the improper disposal of used charcoal