About Us

From the Owners

Stop Loss LLC. was created to help property management companies limit their risk of a catastrophic fire.

With over 35 combined years in the fire service, we have seen firsthand the damage fires cause.  What most people don’t realize is that once the fire is extinguished the pain doesn’t stop and the true work begins.  The average single family home takes anywhere from six months to a year to fully recover from a fire. This means lost revenue on top of the expense of the fire.

At Stop Loss LLC., we know that there is no way to 100% prevent a fire from occurring, but we do know the ways to help minimize the risk.

Our Mission

Our mission at Stop Loss LLC. is to help you protect your owner’s investment and your tenant’s property through a proactive approach to fire prevention.  Our professional and experienced crew will make sure that every step is taken to prevent you and your clients from becoming a statistic.  Whether it is our annual smoke detector inspection program, fire safety inspections or our residential fire suppression systems, we are your full-service fire prevention company.

Our Goal

Our goal at Stop Loss LLC. is to minimize risk, prevent loss of life and ultimately help you protect property.  We know that property is your business and protecting it is ours.  We look forward to partnering with you and are committed to reducing your risk.


Lt. Shaun Whiteley


Lt. Mike Anderson